The River

Even when I don’t want to write, if I begin, the flow begins: very steady, like blood, or a river.

Year after year I hiked down Frijoles Canyon to the Rio Grande. The river is always there. In different seasons it is different colors—tan in March, emerald in October—and has different water levels, and the sky above changes color and temperature.

But the river itself is always there.


3 thoughts on “The River”

  1. Devorah Major, who is teaching a poetry writing workshop for us senior citizens, provided a relevant quote.
    “Make an appointment with the muse and keep it. If she doesn’t show up, write something.”

  2. At first I wondered if the title of this post might refer to a book that gave me permission to write–The River by Rumer Godden. I read it years ago and it was the closest thing to a YA novel I read as a teenager. Another geography, another river, but that book was a part of my writing journey. There are so many reasons not to write, and only a few things in our lives (places, books, music, works of art) that give us permission to do so. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. thank you for the images of the river, the appointment, and the wondering of permission. I struggle most with the “being good enoughs” of permission…so, I am giving “permission” a totem animal, a totem place and a totem moment. And I am going to see what that means. Thank you everybody, Helen

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