Betsy is trilingual. Her first two languages are English and Spanish; her third is the language of stories. Betsy has worked with us at Zuni Pueblo annually for more than a dozen years, and the way she has helped our often-bilingual students develop their own stories—orally, visually, and in writing—is a marvel!

Charly and Cathy Bullock
Literacy Specialists
A:Shiwi Elementary School
Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

I have worked with Betsy James at elementary schools with widely diverse populations, and each time I have seen magic performed as she elicits story from them. Whether in English or Spanish, Betsy and the children are alive with the joy of creating story from their own lives and imaginations, and teachers are alive with new possibilities they can carry back to their classrooms.

Lucy Hampson
Instructional Coach
Albuquerque Public Schools
New Mexico

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