Betsy James

Writer and Artist

On World-making

Cada cabeza es un mundo: every mind is a world. The writer-artist’s  calling is to  invite, cajole, allow that messy mind-world to find a shape on paper. What are the paths to worlds?

On Visions

We love the images that come to us—even when we don’t understand them. In fact maybe we love the half-seen, half-understood best, because mystery gives us room to play. Are our visions personal or universal?

Nondany's Mouse, Betsy James

On Her Books

Once in print, our visions are in other hands and minds. Readers will find paths of metaphor, meaning and story much different from the writer’s, because they bring to their reading the fullness of their own lives. What will they discover?

Boots, Betsy James

On Walking All Day on Stone:

Print and paint are magic. But we must not forget the world, the living body that we and our magic and evil and compassion are a part of. Life seems so vivid in the desert. Or is it simply that walking makes us feel most alive?

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2 thoughts on “Betsy James”

  1. Interesting….will sit with it… and comment later. Got Mel’s mom in rehab. Fell last week and broke her humerus. It will take away to get her thru this

  2. Just decided to Google you, as I haven’t been in touch for a very long time. I am so proud of you! So honored to know you and have observed your remarkable journey over the years!

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Betsy James on Writing, Art, and Walking in the Desert