For Adults and Teens

 We’re all unique.
I tailor work with teens and adults
to the needs of the group.

Below are some of the many workshops I’ve given. Yours will be tailored to you.

Explorers of Inner Space: Access to Imagination in Fantasy

Innocence and Experience: Your Own Uncertainties as Springboards to Writing for Children

Literacy is Conversation: Moving from Personal Story to Writing and Illustration

The River Always Runs: Fantasy Writing for Young (and Not-so-young) Adults

Soul-making: Writing Young Adult Fantasy

The Turkey’s Tail is on Fire!: Igniting Creative Potential in Writing

Vision to Word: The Morning Series to The Seeker Chronicles

Wazzup?: Openness to Natural Plot

He Said, She Said: Gossip as Gateway to Literacy!

Finding the Gate: Fresh Thresholds to Literacy

For the Love of Words: Growing a Natural Writer

What do educators say
about my talks and workshops?


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