Gate Worlds

What land is this
that lies on the shore of a western sea?*

Some of its history and culture
come to light in Long Night Dance, Dark Heart, Listening at the Gate, and Roadsouls

A land of mountains and deserts, rivers and creeks, villages and mill-towns. Thanks largely to the work of Nondany of Tanshari, the nearsighted song-collector of Listening at the Gate, there is a steady flow of information about this territory’s vivid and restless peoples, their beliefs and curiosities and wars and loves. And about the Gate, whose presence is felt throughout their lives and beliefs.

Nondany’s scribbled papers document origin myths, new stories, and the complete texts of songs and chants that to date have been published only as fragments.

To learn about the worlds of the Gate, Nondany’s papers are the place to look.

Nondany'sPapersColor copy 2Nondany’s Papers

Nondany writes:

“In anticipation of coming councils, I have dictated to Kat, from memory, some scattered notes on the history and customs of our peoples. Each thread I began led me to the rest. I believe Kat is right: we are braided all together.

“Due to this entwinement, as well as to the circumstances of their execution and Kat’s spelling—fortunately Mailin was able to make a fair copy—the reader may find these notes hard to follow. Yet we have begun, at least, to say who we are. We have begun.”


Origin myths

LeagueOriginIlloThe Rigi



New Stories

HandslapHandsThe Merchant’s Ugly Wife:
as told to Nall by Kat in Listening at the Gate: the whole story.

The Good Neighbor:  Is a mask a mask?

Sweeping the Hearthstone:  When love is deep, old…and strange.

Paradise and Trout:  Death, a shift of light—and perspective.

Touch Me All Over”  What holds the world together?


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