I’m painting a lot these days…

Night Storm and New Moon – Betsy James
Sun and Water – Betsy James

…and so is the vast, clean desert.


The desert has been at it much longer than I have.


4 thoughts on “I’m painting a lot these days…”

    1. Nice to hear from you, Dick! Busy here with the end of the semester–suddenly online–but staying sane and busy with painting, hiking, writing. No fossil turtles yet, but plenty of Morrison formation! If I were a paleontologist, hint hint, that would be my love.

    1. A lovely gift at the beginning of the day. Thank you, both of you!

      I’m reading Mary Renault’s The King Must Die right now (for the hundredth time.) (Approximately.)

      These days I keep thinking of that line in Jeffers’ To the Stonecutters: “Yet stones have stood for a thousand years, and pained thoughts found/ The honey of peace in old poems.”

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