Being Here

Placitas. From the high trail, the Sunday church bell’s ringing fills the valley below.

A scream: two hawks and a raven, harrying all over the sky. The hawk’s keening cry falls like its falling body, streamlined stone.

A slight rockfall in a narrow canyon.

A coyote turd with three dozen apricot pits.


Boots Cebolla green sprout

One thought on “Being Here”

  1. love this. but wanted to see a photo of … > > coyote turd with three dozen apricot pits. >

    also, it was me who hung your velour hoodie on your front door handle. you left it at our house when we had miso taki together.

    figured you’d be missing it :-)

    xo Kristine Maltrud

    CEO/Founder ArtSpark “Igniting Widespread Creative Expression”

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