Strange Place, Our Home Planet

Wasp nestOn the red dirt was what looked like a tatón, the fluffy white seed-puff of the river cottonwood…but it was strolling. I had to lie on my belly to see it was a spider. A spider! I have no clue.

A mud-dauber’s nest with holes in a row, like a harmonica.


One thought on “Strange Place, Our Home Planet”

  1. Hey Betsy,

    It’s interesting how nature does that…mimics itself (such as bugs that look like leaves or sticks, or even a seed-puff!). I have noticed some mimicry in my garden this year; I call them mimic weeds. I kid you not, I have found a type of weed for every kind of vegetable I have grown, and the weeds start out looking a lot like what I plant. Sometimes, I just wait till they grow up a bit to tell the difference. Trixy weeds.

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my site and for your gracious praise about my writing. Hope you know that I find your talent inspiring and that’s why I contacted you. Hope to see more of your projects!

    Mark Higginson

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