Worldly Goods


We all have too many books. But I have books and rocks.

I have best rocks; second best rocks; third best rocks; and driveway rocks, which I don’t care if somebody steals. When I move, the best, second best, and third best go with me.

Last time I moved, my brother tried to lift a box before he noticed it had been labeled (neatly) ROCKS AND LEG WEIGHTS.

So why, he asked, nursing his lower back, couldn’t you have packed ROCKS with PILLOWS? ROCKS with UNDERWEAR?

Hey. I could have packed them with The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.


2 thoughts on “Worldly Goods”

  1. Thanks. This makes me feel better about all the earthly rocks that I’ve schlepped from east coast to west coast to NM, of course picking up others along the way…

  2. In our house, it’s books, fabric, and chotchkas.
    Several walls are lined with book cases, several other walls are lined with bookcases full of fabric. Horizontal surfaces are colonized by books, fabric, and chotchkas. Comes from having a fabric artist and a wizard in the same house. The fabric doesn’t weigh like rocks, but it is necessary. The palette of available colors and patterns is potentially infinite and is unstable from year to year as manufacturers attract new business by making old colors “unfashionable.” Small magical objects are not heavy either, but they make dusting a major engineering project. We don’t do moving.

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